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7 Best Uses Of Bajrang Baan

7 Best Uses Of Bajrang Baan

Bajrang Baan Use 1. Getting A Desired Job

The most effective use of Bajrang Baan is getting a desired job in a shorter interval of time. I have seen the results as it's experienced by many of my disciples. The procedure for this sadhna may be very simple. Start from any Tuesday. Visit a Hanuman temple close by and get the " Sindoor" from the temple. Recite the Bajrang Baan eleven times every day for a interval of 21 days. Apply the Sindoor in your body daily. You will soon discover the desired job.

Bajrang Baan Use 2. To Destroy Enemies

Typically the enemy is robust and circumstances out of control. In such a case Bajrang Baan will definitely enable you to eliminate the enemy. Start from any Saturday. Buy some "Coal" from the market. Go to a Hanuman temple nearby and take ' Sankalp' to remove the problems of the enemies. Recite the Bajrang Baan within the midnight 14 occasions per day. Do this sadhna for 7 days and burn the coals within the cremation ground.

Bajrang Baan Use 3. Karya Siddhi

Recite the Bajrang Baan 5 occasions a day ranging from any wednesday. Do it for eleven days and provide some red garments and sweets to the pujari of the temple. It's also really useful to recite the Bajrang Baan as soon as before any special meeting or project to get the things done.

Bajrang Baan Use 4. Enhanced Enterprise & More Customers

Reciting the Bajrang Baan 7 times each day earlier than starting any venture or business helps in enhanced business and appeal to more customers. Bajtrang Baan makes it easy to handle individuals and tasks.

Bajrang Baan Use 5. Health and braveness

Reciting the Bajrang Baan earlier than having your meals helps in attracting good health and improves the braveness of the sadhak. One should consume only 'Satvik' meals and keep away from ' Tamsik' meals at any cost. The outcomes might be seen in 41 days.

Bajrang Baan Use 6. Fear And Fever

The Bajrang Baan not only removes the fear but additionally helps to remove the fever of any kind. Take some water and recite the Bajrang Baan 5 times and energize the water. Give this ' energized water' to the particular person suffering from the fever or flu. You will oberve the ends in some minutes. One thing must be remembered that the individual reciting the Bajrang Baan should have the continuity of reading it.

Bajrang Baan Use 7. Success in Interviews & Examinations

Bajrang Baan is of utmost significance once you really feel nervous and concern the interviews or examinations. Sit in the entrance of a mirror and recite the Bajrang Baan 3 times visualizing the powers of Lord Hanuman entering into your aura. You will soon discover the commentable leads to interviews and examinations. Students should make a habit to recite the Bajrang Baan day by day with none break.

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